REVIEW: PSE Escalade 3G Compound Bow

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Here is our exciting review of the PSE Escalade 3G Compound Bow

  For review today is the PSE Escalade 3G Compound Bow. This is a really nice bow that is both quick, accurate and made in the U.S.A. PSE took their very popular Escalade model and totally re-designed it from the ground up giving it a completely new machined lightweight aluminum riser, an enhanced HP cam design with a posi-lock inner cam to give the bow a quick and simple draw length adjustment.

  This bow has also had the limbs redesigned to give it greater flexibility. The PSE Escalade 3G Compound Bow has a generous 7 3/4 inch brace height and several draw weights including 50 pounds, 60 pounds and 70 pounds.

  This bow measures 33 1/8 inches from axle to axle with a 29 inch draw setting giving it a maximum arrow speed of 330 foot per second. Even though this compound bow has a draw setting of 29 inches, the length can be adjusted anywhere from 25 inches to 30 inches, plus it has a let-off of 75%.

  Noise and shock suppressing vibracheck backstop features has also been redesigned and reformulated to give the PSE Escalade 3G Compound Bow enhanced noise and shock suppression. The vibracheck bands have also been reformulated to further enhance the noise of this bow. The Raptor grip along with a rigid riser design also works to further absorb the shock and enhance the comfort of the archer.

  The PSE Escalade 3G Compound Bow has had the asymmetric idle wheel fine-tuned for a superior feel and performance that is very smooth. The tuning alignment marks are really easy to use.

  So what does all of these newly redesigned features mean? It means that the PSE Escalade 3G Compound Bow is extremely silent and smooth, and most importantly, with all of the fine tuning that you can do, this bow is very accurate.

PSE Escalade 3G Compound Bow Ready - to - Shoot Package

PSE Escalade 3G Compound Bow Ready – to – Shoot Package

  Another nice thing about the Escalade is that it is both strong and durable. While testing the bow, it was accidently dry fired several times. This did not break the cable or snap a limb. Even though there are plenty of nice advantages with this popular bow, there are a few disadvantages with the stinger.

  Basically the only disadvantage with the Escalade is the bow string. PSE in known for using lower quality strings with their bows. This means that the string will begin to fray quickly, so you should count on buying a new string ASAP.

  The bottom line with the PSE Escalade 3G Compound Bow is that it is an excellent bow, and all of the redesigned features make this bow even better than it was. Without a doubt, this new model is a really good upgrade to the previous model. For the price you can’t go wrong with the stinger.

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