Grab and Go Complete Bug Out Bag

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Grab and Go Complete Bug Out Bag

Grab and Go Complete Bug Out Bag

Grab ‘N Go Deluxe 3-Day, 4 Person Emergency Kit with Backpack

bug out bag for sale

  This bug out bag for sale is a great item to grab during emergencies where you need to leave your house immediately and don’t have the time to pack anything. This survival bug out bag contains all of the bug out gear that you will need to survive for several days following an emergency.

  This tactical bug out bag is loaded with all of the high quality bug out gear that you can count on during emergency situations. Here is a list of everything that is included:

1 Four Person Backpack. This tough backpack will hold all of your gear.

4 Survival blankets: This will also help you stay warm during cold days.

4 Emergency ponchos: This will help keep you dry if it starts to rain.

1 107-piece First aid kit

4 Pairs of nitrile gloves

4 2,400 Calorie Food bars (5-year shelf life)

12 Pre-Moistened Towelettes

4 Liter Sized Waters

4 Pairs of Safety Goggles

4 12-hour emergency lightsticks

4 Packs of Pocket Tissues

4 dust masks

1 Pair of leather work gloves

3 Bio hazard bags

1 emergency whistle

  This complete bug out bag will always ensure that you are equipped with all of the items necessary to survive for the first few days after an emergency. Every household needs one, get one today!

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